If you are good with making new friends and you are considered to be a people’s person, one of the businesses that you can easily start that will guarantee your passive income is to start your own speed dating business. Speed dating business is one of the businesses that you can start as a means of generating additional income


If you are looking for a business to start, then you may want to consider starting a knife sharpening business. This is one business that requires little startup and you can be sure to make good returns on investment. Bear in mind that you can go into this kind of business even from the comfort of your home


Some folks who have gone ahead to carve a niche for themselves in the marriage counseling line, know that this is a viable business especially if one is able to satisfy the clients in question. Therefore, if you are looking to start a marriage counseling business, you have got to put a whole lot of things in place. First off, do know that you must have the penchant for this before you delve into it. Why is this particularly important, you may ask


You would agree that children indeed can be fun to be with. It is for that reason that people have built several businesses to meet the need of catering for kids. Whether it is a baby or toddler, the nanny business is one venture that has continued to soar to a great height


If you are looking for a technically inclined business to establish, you should consider starting your own generator repair service business. Starting a generator repair service is one business that requires technical skills. No doubt generator repair service is indeed a profitable venture and it requires that you invest your time and money to be able to setup this type of business


Do you want to learn what it takes to start and run a successful locksmith company from scratch? If YES, then i advice you read on to find out the requirements needed to start


Do you have passion for helping people and you want to become a social entrepreneur? Are you interested in starting a non-profit organization? Do you need a sample non-profit organization business plan template? If YES, then I advice you read on.