Groundnuts are nuts that grow all year round. It isn’t a seasonal crop and as such can be found all the time. Did you know that there are business advantages with the groundnuts? Well, truth is that you can make good money from processing groundnut oil. Establishing a groundnut oil processing company requires some technical details which need a lot of care to put in place


If you have ever had a bite of a French fry then you sure might agree with me that it is one experience to savour. French fries all over the world have become regular part of menus in restaurants, whether, fast food, fine dining or gourmet and even in the homes. Starting the business of French fry comes with a lot of opportunities just as it does come with its challenges – start-up costs, staffing problems, competitions, and more


Though cashew like most fruits is a seasonal fruit, processing it into other products has a lot of benefits and business advantages that one can decide to key into and profit from.Establishing a cashew nut processing company requires some technical details that need a lot of attention to put in place. So what are the steps to take to start a cashew nut processing company and build it into a viable and profitable business


One of the business you can start as an entrepreneur is a cheesecake factory; this type of business requires moderate startup capital, and it is indeed a very lucrative business to go into. The confectionery industry is one industry that enjoys patronage in all parts of the world; you can choose to setup this business in any location of your choice and still make profits because people will always have cause to patronize you


There are a lot of things involved when setting up a catering business; from the legal costs to operating expenses, there is really a very long list of items to spend money on, so it is understandable that caterers would want to reduce start-up costs by buying used catering equipment.