If you are looking to start a very profitable business that can fetch you loads of returns then you may want to look to starting exercise books production business. This is one business type that has been in existence for a long time. If you were born in the late 50s and 60s-especially in Nigeria, looking back to the days of old at school, you would realize that you used exercise books to for writing


All over the world, we have come to see the emergence of a variety of businesses. One of which is the defense driving school business. This is one business that has become common place. The defensive driving schools in some communities of the world have been associated with teenage drivers. This is especially those who may be driving for the first time. What really is a defense driving school all about, you might ask


Since the incident of the global meltdown, employees who were sacked have grown to become entrepreneurs. While some of them took to the same type of businesses in which they were fired from, yet others went ahead to acquire skills from a vocational school, and today they have thriving businesses. So, what really is a vocational school all about? In a concise manner; a vocational school has to do with


If you are interested in empowering workers to learn new skills or to motivate them to achieve corporate goals, if you have appreciable years of experience in a particular field, then you should consider starting your own corporate training company. The truth is that the demand for competent corporate trainers by organizations is once again on the increase after the global economic meltdown that saw the reduction of training budget by most corporate organizations


In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people eager to learn how to fly airplanes. Perhaps this might be because of the relatively low cost of smaller bodied planes. Pilots who are already in the line of business do all they can to see that they train people for fees. Therefore, if you are a licensed pilot, you can take advantage of this demand and make good money by starting a flight school


Are you actually a fashion freak? Do you care about your make ups and cosmetics and would not mind teaching others the act of becoming an expert beauty and cosmetologist? You can start a beauty and cosmetology school. Although beauty and cosmetology are two different fields because beauty covers aspects like nails, hair making and styling, barbing of hair, cosmetology focuses more on cosmetics and facial makeup


What are Charter schools? Simply put, they are schools that are run independently of the government. However, these schools are still highly expected to meet the requirements and standards of the local and state government. So, if you think you might be interested in starting a charter school, then you may consider following all of the rules that would be reeled out in a few minutes. If you are ready; then here are steps to take to start your own charter school


No doubt running a truck driving school is indeed a profitable business despite the huge startup capital required to set it up, and also to manage it. This is so because people who get trained as truck drivers earn more than other drivers in most countries of the world. If you know you have the resources and expertise to start a truck driving school, then you should follow these 7 surefire tips that will help you start your own truck driving school from the scratch and then build it to profitability within record time;


Do you have a passion for changing lives? Do you have what it takes to inspire people to greatness? Are you a good orator, a goal getter and a positively minded person? Then it is high time you learn how to become a motivational speaker and make money by positively affecting people’s lives


If you love to help people solve their personal problems and bring about positive changes in their lives, then becoming a college counselor is one of the best career options for you. While working as a career counselor is usually highly rewarding, it takes a couple of years to become one. Would you like to become a college counselor? Here are the steps you should follow:


Starting your own driving school might be the best option for you; provided you are very good at driving, patient enough to teach other people, and willing to become an entrepreneur. Here is a sample business plan template to help you get started