Innovative Startup ideas for Smart Entrepreneurs

Small Scale Manufacturing

Do you want to become an industrialist? Do you need ideas on how to start a small scale manufacturing business? Then here are the best manufacturing business ideas and opportunities to start.

One good thing about venturing into the manufacturing business is that you make money producing goods that people need. Secondly, you add value to the society with respect to employment creation and lastly; you will create a ripple effect on the community your factory is sited.

How to Start a Skateboard Company

The skateboard manufacturing industry is indeed a big industry considering the revenue that is generated in the trade. A research that was conducted in 2009 clearly revealed that the skateboard market is worth over $4.8 Billion in annual revenue. This study also revealed that there are well over 11.08 million active skateboarders in the world. Without a shadow of doubt, this goes to show how large the market for skateboard is

How to Start a Granite Tiles Production Company

Towards the dawn of the 20th century, some of the top business men and women that made huge returns on their investments are those who own investment portfolios in the real estate / construction industry. No doubt people are still making money in this industry and you can gladly join the number. You don’t necessarily need to go into core construction or the sales of properties to make it big in the real estate cum construction industry; you can enter the industry via the production of granite tiles

How to Start an Insecticide Production Company

If you are thinking of a business to start as an entrepreneur, a profitable business that can survive in any geographical area, then you should consider starting your own insecticide production company. Insecticides are not only used at homes to kill insects, but are also used in agriculture, industry and medicines. As a matter of fact, the use of insecticides contributes to increase in agriculture produce

How to Start a Caustic Soda Production Company

It is okay to decide to delve into production; however, you have got to first sit and figure out what really you want to produce and how well you are good at the trade. One of the businesses you may want to venture into is the caustic soda production company. If caustic soda does not ring a bell, then you can think of some soaps- especially in Africa that are made of soda, caustic soda is also used in the aluminum industry, pulp & paper. They are used as water treatment and water purification, as cleaning agent, or a wide range of uses in chemical industry like the starch production and for dyeing clothes, and what have you

How to Start a Liquid Air Freshener Production Company

If you have been looking to start a liquid air freshener business, then you may want to consider some time tested tips to be given here. It is pertinent to note that this is a viable business, and is able to guarantee returns on your investment. It doesn’t need to be started with a very huge amount of money. As a matter of fact, it is one business that you can start with a little amount of start up

How to Start a Conveyor Belt Manufacturing Company

Conveyor belts are used alongside pulleys to move both materials and humans from one point to another; they are used for the easy transportation of large volumes of materials within a specific area, usually in a factory, warehouse or in places like airports for handling cargoes and also in parks and public buildings. If you are considering starting your own conveyor belt manufacturing company, then you must set out time to raise startup capital, select a team that consist of different professionals and then make workable business plans.

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