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Innovative Startup ideas for Smart Entrepreneurs


Welcome to the Kick-Ass Millionaire Mentorship Academy (KAMMA), where ordinary people are nurtured to become successful entrepreneurs and self made millionaires.

ajaero tony martinsIn KAMMA, there’s no time for B***S***. Why? The reason is because your tutors (my humble self included) are busy, successful entrepreneurs; so we cut the crap and bring everything to you raw. You will learn how we do business, negotiate deals, make money and invest part of the money we make. In fact,…..

The Goal of KAMMA is to Do FIVE Things for You

  • To help you develop and test your idea
  • To help you kick-start your business
  • To help you raise the funds that you need to grow
  • To teach you how to scale up, expand and grow your business
  • To teach you how to invest your money when you hit success (We wouldn’t like to see you go from grace to grass).

Admission into the Kick-Ass Millionaire Mentorship Academy cost $497 per year but we are giving Free Lifetime Access to Only 100 Readers of Click Here Now to Apply for a Free Lifetime Access.

The KAMMA Curriculum / Course Outline

KAMMA 001-: The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Good Business Plan

KAMMA 002-: The Beginner’s Guide to Small Business Financing and Startup Funding

KAMMA 003-: How to Start a Successful Blog for Free and Make Money Online

KAMMA 005-: How to Start an Export Business from Home

KAMMA 006-: How to Buy a Business With No Money Down

KAMMA 007-: How to Sell a Business  **coming soon**

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