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Category – Import & Export

Are you interested in starting an import export business? Do you need product ideas or business advice on importing and exporting? Then i advice you read on.

The import export industry is a multi billion dollar industry that will keep expanding as long as international trade exist. Now a lot of products are being shipped in and out of every country of the world and in most cases, the demand in some certain countries are usually not met. Yet, there are a lot of individuals who are lost with respect to choosing the appropriate product to import or export. If you are such an individual, then it is advisable you read on.

Non-Oil Export Products

What are the top hottest non-oil export products in Nigeria? How do I make money by exporting non oil products? How do you tap into the multi-billion dollar non-oil products export industry? Well, if you have interest in the non-oil export sector of Nigeria, or you are a foreign investor looking for a high yield business opportunity; then read on.

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